Undergraduates at Nestle

Great careers start here.

If you’re in college and ready to explore what your future holds, Nestlé USA can offer you all kinds of rewarding possibilities in a wide array of business areas, including Finance, Accounting, Engineering, Food Science, Human Resources, Supply Chain, Purchasing and Sales.

Whether it’s a challenging internship with mentorship and encouragement to contribute your best work and ideas, or a Full-Time Rotational Program that puts you at the forefront of Nestlé’s business, your time at Nestlé will prepare you for a thriving professional career and position you for success in the years to come.

Wherever your professional passions lie, Nestlé USA has unique and rewarding challenges to offer you. Interested in learning more? We invite you to visit our campus microsite. Get a closer look at our culture, our opportunities, and your potential with Nestlé.  Click here to visit the campus site now.